About the project

The world oceans and seas represent an incredible interconnected natural system that relies on a delicate balance. Nowadays, this equilibrium is threatened by several problems, such as:

Overfishing and trawling

Ocean acidification

Rising sea levels

Dumping of chemicals and debris into the oceans/seas

Plastic waste, in particular, represents a real challenge. Given its long lifespan and the fact that it can hurt or be absorbed by the flora and fauna, it poses a threat to humans as well. Among the sectors that contribute to marine pollution, the fishery and aquaculture sectors play a major role. Used nets, traps and longlines end up abandoned floating or at the bottom of the seas for years, while hurting the ecosystem. For the islands located in Southern Europe, such as those belonging to the Macaronesia region and to the Mediterranean Sea, a good relationship with their sea is essential for their sustenance. In fact, the blue economy represents an important part of life for most of their communities.

Given the necessity to preserve the marine ecosystems and not spoil the fragile economy of these communities, the project plans to address several needs :

  • contrasting the abandonment of fishing gear
  • empowering local fishery and aquaculture workers in defending their own local marine ecosystem
  • providing lifelong learning opportunities to islander communities
  • supporting municipal employees in charge of environmental protection in overcoming barriers and helping fishery and aquaculture workers in adopting sustainable solutions
  • increasing the awareness of the public and of relevant stakeholders